I’m joining the board of the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web (FFDW). I want to tell you about the project’s mission, what I hope to bring to the Board, and what we’ll be focusing on this first year.

The Mission and Purpose of the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web

The mission of FFDW is “to ensure the permanent preservation of humanity’s most important information by stewarding the development of open source software and open protocols for decentralized data storage and retrieval networks.”

I love that the organization is committed to the long-term preservation of humanity’s most important knowledge. In the digital age, everything can be preserved, but how well are…

We Should Be Addressing Election Security Problems, Not Prosecuting Whistleblowers Who Shed Light On Them

With another election looming, the U.S. should be working now to secure our election infrastructure, including replacing obsolete voting machines, instituting regular audits, and following commonsense cybersecurity best practices. Instead, our government is prosecuting a public-interest whistleblower who helped us understand the security problems we’re facing.

On June 3, 2017, Reality Leigh Winner was arrested and charged with leaking a document to the Intercept. The leaked document showed that malicious hackers allegedly working for the Russian military engaged in a spearphishing campaign compromising an election services vendor to target over 100 election officials in the United States in the lead…

CC BY-ND 2.0 Deveion Acker

Last October, I offered up a bundle of my ideas, dreams, and experiences, granted it a name and a business bank account, and launched it onto the World Wide Web: Groundwork Consulting. Groundwork was a way I could formalizing and publicize work I’d been doing for years on the side: working with friends and acquaintances in the nonprofit world to tackle management challenges and think through new opportunities.

Six months later, I realize I’ve been learning a ton about nonprofit management consulting without a lot of chance to reflect on it all. …

A few years ago, I had a conversation with an acquaintance who introduced me to an idea that blew my mind: the very things which made someone successful early in her career could prevent growth later in a career.

Wait, what? How was that even possible?

My acquaintance suggested I read What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith with Peter Reiter, which I recommend to any successful person who feels like she’s inexplicably plateaued. The concepts in the book influenced my thinking on this issue, so I mention it now to give due credit. However, my…

One of my favorite campsites on the Colorado Trail.

This summer, I hiked for a month on the Colorado Trail and spent months reading everything I could find about thru hiking before I left. So I bumped into Backpacker Magazine’s 11 Key Tips for Female Thru Hikers.

Don’t bother clicking the link. It’s terrible.

Well, I suppose I’m being unfair. There are one or two pieces of advice that are reasonably helpful. But the rest of the article is embarrassing. Among the advice it provides is tip #8 — “cry” because, the article explains, “it will make you feel better.” …

Encryption Isn’t Something We Can Negotiate About, No Matter How Politically Convenient That May Seem

Dear President Obama,

During your keynote conversation at SXSW, you called for a concession on security in our digital devices, stating that you don’t believe in “an absolutist view” when it comes to cryptography on phones.

We all want to find solutions to the problems of crime in our country and abroad, and technology can help us do that. Sometimes that means making compromises as a society. But reasonable people know that there’s one thing which isn’t subject to compromise: math.

The basic security of our digital devices is made possible because of a field of applied mathematics known as…

Rainey Reitman

Writing on personal privacy, government transparency, nonprofit leadership, and whatever else intrigues me. Views are my own. EFF/Groundwork Consulting/FPF.

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